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Asset Management

The purpose of property asset management is to ensure that investment returns are maximised. First Alliance Properties constantly question whether each property is performing to the best of its ability.  If adjustments to the business plan are necessary, alternative approaches are explored, which may include selling, redeveloping or making changes to the physical configuration or leasing structure.  Day-to-day asset management duties including cash management, credit control, legal compliance and managing tenant relations also play a vitally important role in delivering the business plan.

The First Alliance Properties team has a proven track record of driving growth, and seeking out and realising opportunities for value enhancement.  Through the implementation of business plans, asset management plays a key role in delivering returns to investors that consistently outperform the market.  The team always works closely with investors and partners to ensure that asset management activities are effectively communicated.

First Alliance Properties has long standing relationships with the leading property expertise in the market and utilises these relationships to establish the optimum project team for each business plan.  A typical project team for a property with development potential will include a market-leading leasing agent, solicitor, planning consultant, architect, engineer and cost consultant.

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