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The First Alliance Properties team implements the key steps in the value creation process; identifying and structuring acquisitions, delivering asset management plans and determining the right time to sell properties in order to maximise returns.

Property management, accounting and legal services are outsourced to best in class professionals who are required to report frequently in a structured framework.  These professionals usually provide direct duties of care to the entity that owns the property or properties.

All service providers are appropriately qualified and resourced.  Their health and safety and environmental policies are checked to ensure they comply with, or exceed the market norm for the services they provide.

Service providers will also have an appropriate level of business, professional indemnity and third party insurance.

Buildings and developments all have an impact on the community in which they are located.  First Alliance Properties  is proud of its responsible approach and encourages dialogue with local communities whenever reasonably possible for mutual benefit.

Health & Safety
First Alliance Properties  is committed to taking all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of those individuals who are affected by their business activities.  All legal duties are recognised and operations comply with applicable statutory legislation.

Service providers are audited to ensure they operate their businesses responsibly and apply appropriate health and safety procedures to the services they provide and to the operation of the properties controlled by First Alliance Properties .

First Alliance Properties’ Directors recognise the importance of operating in an environmentally-friendly way and the need to enhance the environmental credentials of the properties owned or asset managed whenever possible.

Day to day actions include recycling, electronic data storage, minimising the printing of documents, turning off lights and computer equipment, and use of public transport.  Service providers are checked to ensure they are similarly environmentally aware.